Google deelt Material Design Awards 2020 voor mooiste apps

Er zijn onwijs veel applicaties in de Google Play Store te vinden. Fraaie, maar ook minder mooie apps. Google heeft nu de Material Design Awards 2020 uitgereikt waarin we de mooiste apps terugvinden.

Material Design Awards 2020

Voor het zesde jaar op rij reikt Google de Material Design Awards 2020 uit. Dit jaar waren er slechts drie categorieën waarin de prijzen uitgereikt werd. Dit was de app met het mooiste Material Theme, het gebruik van animations en bewegingen, en de app met de beste implementatie van het donkere thema.

Moooi app

Material Theming Winner:

Het mooiste Material Theme heeft de app, een applicatie met een Nederlands tintje. Google zegt hierover het volgende;

In keeping with their namesake, the Dutch word for “beauty,” Moooi focuses on aesthetic fundamentals to create an immersive experience for their digital flagship. As purveyors of design-forward lighting and furnishing, they work with full bleed color, typography, and scale, using a number of reusable components to balance expressiveness and practicality.

Large, graphic headlines and body text set in Sang Bleu are complemented by body text set in Gill Sans. Choosing two large type families gives Moooi’s type system a broad expressive range for conveying product information, site navigation, and editorial headlines across the site.

Epsy app

Material Motion Winner: Epsy

Deze applicatie richt zich op alles wat met epilepsie te maken heeft. Helaas is deze applicatie niet beschikbaar in Nederland.

For an app whose aim is to better the lives of those living with epilepsy, Epsy uses motion meaningfully, guiding users through critical tasks to better their quality of life, like logging triggers, taking medication, and building community connection.

Motion serves a clear purpose in Epsy and is crafted with care and restraint; from gentle inter-screen choreography to custom animated progress indicators and icons in the bottom navigation bar.

Kayak app

Dark Theme Winner: Kayak

Kayak is een reis-app. Middels deze applicatie kun je hotels, vluchten en huurauto’s doorzoeken.

KAYAK has taken their comprehensive price comparison and travel booking experience to the next level by translating their brand into a dark theme, using subtle but intentional applications of color. Their unique orange brand color is used sparingly to give prominent elements, such as their most important navigation icons, top hierarchy, leaving the majority of space dedicated to dark surfaces. KAYAK’s custom dark background mixes in a hint of blue that works in harmony with secondary blue accents found throughout the app.

Ontwikkelaar: SELINKO
Prijs: Gratis
Epsy - for seizures & epilepsy
Epsy - for seizures & epilepsy
Ontwikkelaar: LivaNova USA
Prijs: To be announced
KAYAK: Tickets, hotels, auto
KAYAK: Tickets, hotels, auto
Prijs: Gratis
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